Terms of use

All prices are given in the currency Danish kroner DKK incl. Vat.

Coverage and speed

The internet can only be used in Denmark.

The internet is running on Telia/Telenors network on both 2G, 3G and 4G. Telia/Telenors network covers 99% of Denmark.

The expected average download speed on 3G is between 2-20 Mbit/s. The expected average upload speed on 3G is between 1-4 Mbit/s.

The expected average download speed on 4G is between 8-71 Mbit/s. The expected average upload speed on 4G is between 2-43 Mbit/s.

The SIM card can only be used for data. It means that you cannot make phone calls, send texts, mms and other things from this SIM card.

To use the 4G network you have to be in an area with 4G coverage and use a device compatible with the service.


Before the card can be used it has to be activated via www.holidaynet.dk (need an internet connection) or you can send a text from the phone to the number 50 43 49 51 with the text: simstart - SIM card number - activation code. The text will then look like this: simstart 89450123451234512345 9876

The SIM card will be activated after 10 minutes.

The text to activate the SIM card is normal texting prices.


There are no PIN code on the card so it can be used directly in a router, dongle, smartphone, tablet or computer without the need to type in a PIN or internet APN.

Data volume, data acquisition and validity

There is 10 GB data available in 30 days after the activation date. When the data is used you can’t use the internet before buying more data. There have to be bought more data after the 30 days before the internet can be used again. If there hasn’t been any use on the SIM card in 3 months it will be automatically terminated.

Each time you buy more data on the card or use it, you will extend its lifetime with 3 months. A terminated card cannot be reopened and you will have to buy a new SIM card.

More data can be bought from www.holidaynet.dk and will cost

2 GB data for 89 kr. It can be used in 30 days from the purchase date. 10 GB data for 199 kr. It can be used in 30 days from the purchase date. 20 GB data for 299 kr. It can be used in 30 days from the purchase date. 100 GB data for 399 kr. It can be used in 30 days from the purchase date.

10 GB data for 499 kr. It can be used in 90 days for the purchase date.

There can be bought multiple packages in the same period. After the bought data is used, the internet cannot be used further before there is bought more data. Not used data do not carry over to another package or period. If there had given given an e-mail address when the SIM card was activated you will receive an e-mail when there is used 80% and 100% of the available data amount. When all the data is used it will redirect you to a webpage that will tell you that there is no more data available.

Terms & Services

Holiday Net reserves the right to balance block without a warning and eventual terminate numbers there are under suspicion for not being used personally, or is being abused and/or consciously being bought to generate increased traffic on other Danish networks then Telias. Any expense for Holiday Net connected to abuse will be directed to the customer with a demand for compensation, and will in every aspect lead to filing police charges.

Holiday Net reserves the rights to special rate and in extreme cases terminate numbers if the subscription is not used after the intended use.

Any changes in price or terms of service will be announces on www.holidaynet.dk and there will be sent an e-mail to the address given by the customer.

Safety and theft lockout

If the customer loses a SIM card, it’s the customer’s responsibility to block the subscription thus there cannot be any abuse. The customer shall contact customer service either by e-mail or phone. After the SIM card has been blocked the customer must order a new SIM card through customer service. The price for a new SIM card is 50 kr.

Support, debugging and responsibilities

Holiday Net is responsible for repairing errors and other interruptions in a timely manner after the customer have reported the error. The approach is to customer service and the rectification will be as fast as possible inside the normal workhours.

If the customer is reporting disruptions caused by something outside the control of Holiday Nets, for example errors from the network providers, then Holiday Nets will report the error to them. The customer has an obligation to the necessary extend helping in the debugging and correction. Holyday Net is warranted to charge a fee for this debugging is the error is caused by the customer’s conditions.

Holiday Net is not liable for errors, crashes or operational disturbances if it’s caused by conditions there can be attributed to the network provider. Holiday Net is also not liable respectively normal liability rules for loses caused by Holiday Net inaction.

Holiday Net is not liable for indirect loses, consequential loss, operating loss, loss of profit, loss of data, demands from third party or any other economical consequential loss caused by the mobile service not functioning as expected. Similarly Holiday Net is not responsible for damages or loss the customer had to endure from being connected to the internet, like viruses and downloading of so called “dialer-programmer”. This applies to both terminals and use.

Holiday Net is not responsible for interruptions, disturbances or changes to the service related to measures that is deemed necessary for technical, maintenance-related or operational-related causes. This also implies delay on your valuation.

Holiday Net is exempt responsibility as long as the mentioned circumstances are valid and are out of Holiday Nets control. These conditions apply to, fire, war, riot, strike, lockout, natural disasters, authority injunction or similar (Force majeure) and things Holiday Net couldn’t within reason expect to have considered at the time of the beginning of the subscription.


If the customer is a consumer then there is 14 days of right of withdrawal from the creation date. The right of withdrawal ceases if the card has been taken to use. If there is problems with the card, or missing coverage there can be agreed for a refund with customer service if the card contrary to expectations cannot be used.

There is no refund of not used data or period.

About Holiday Net

Holiday Net is owned by MobileValue CVR. Number 32562787

Customer service can be contacted on e-mail: support@holidaynet.dk or phone 0045 61 44 09 09.

Holiday Net is run by MobileValue Aps who also runs Greentel, Waoo! Mobil and LINDS mobil, and has Telekæden A/S as one of its largest shareholders. The first December 2012 Telekæden A/S and some shareholders overtook MobileValue APS and running the business today with the customer in focus.

There for will you as customer at Holiday Net experience that the legal partners are MobileValue.

You can order Holiday Net here on the website or in your local Telekæden store.

Entry into force

These conditions enter into force on the 01.08.2015 and Holiday Net makes reservation for typing, text and image mistakes.