FAQ: Termination and binding

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Termination and binding

If you want to close your SIM card, send an e-mail or a letter to customer service. You have no period of notice, so once we have received your inquiry, you will receive a confirmation that your cancellation is received and executed. If you don’t receive a confirmation e-mail, please contact customer service.

If there have been no use of the Sim card for 3 months, the card will automatically be terminated. Every time you buy extra data or use the internet you renew the Sim card for 3 more months. A closed SIM card cannot be reopened, then you will have to buy a new SIM card. You have 14 days to cancel from the time of creation. The right of withdrawal ceases when the SIM card has been used.

In case of problems with the card or lack of coverage, a refund can be arranged with customer service if the card against expectations cannot be used. There is no refund for not used data or period.