FAQ: Activation of SIM card

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Activation of SIM card

You can activate the SIM card on this website or via SMS.

To activate the SIM card you shall use the codes on the SIM card.

The SIM card number is 20 characters 
the Activation code is 4 characters

The SIM card can only be used for data in Denmark.

There is 10 GB data available in 30 days from the activation date. When the data is used or the 30 days have passed there will have to be bought more data before the internet can be used again. The card will be automatically terminated if there hasn’t been any use on the SIM card in 3 months. A terminated card cannot be reopened so you will have to buy a new SIM card.

There are no PIN on the SIM card so it can just be directly plugged into a pc, dongle, router, smartphone or tablet without the need of entering a PIN code og internet APN. If the device needs an APN it’s: websp