Holiday Net is the easiest way to get low cost 4G internet in Denmark

If you need internet for a short periode in Denmark or don't have a danish CPR number - Holiday Net is the right solution for you. Holiday Net offers you 30 days 4G internet in Denmark without subscription.
The idea with Holiday Net is that you can get internet in the periode you need and no more - for example during you holiday og business trip to Denmark.

Holiday Net uses Telia's network and the speed is from 2G to 4G. The speed depends on where you are geografically and on your equipment. 

Holiday Net can be used in all types of SIM card equipment such as mobile router, USB dongle, tablet, smartphone and computer.

You can buy Holiday Net on www.holidaynet.dk or at one of our locale dealers. Find a dealer near you HERE.

Don't fear a large bill! When all the data in yout package has been used the internet will automatically stop and you can not get online before you have brought at new TOP-UP package.

A part of something bigger

Holiday Net is a part of MobileValue Aps who runs Greentel.dk and has Telekæden A/S as one of it's biggest shareholders.